Balk is a strategic card game that's simple to learn, yet becomes increasingly more complex as you discover its intricate strategies. To win you have to outfox your opponents and get into their heads! Gameplay is fast paced and it's ultra-portable.


One complete deck of Balk cards includes:
10 point cards
10 blue bid cards
10 green bid cards
10 salmon bid cards
10 purple bid cards


The goal is to win each round by collecting more points than your opponents. The first player to win three rounds wins the game!


The gold point cards are shuffled and placed in the center. Each player chooses a color and takes all ten of their bid cards. With fewer than four players, unused bid cards are removed from play.


Turn over the top point card and place it face up. Each player bids for the point card by placing the bid card of their choice face down on the table. Once all players have bid, flip the bid cards over. The player with the highest bid wins the point card and takes it.

If more than one player bids the same highest card, no one wins the point card and it is removed from the round. All played bid and point cards must be placed face up on the table so all players can see them.


Each round ends when all ten point cards have been played. Players then add up their points and the player with the highest score wins the round. If more than one player ties for the highest score there is no winner for the round. There are no ties in Balk! The first player to win three rounds wins the game!

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Play Time

15-30 min

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